1. Logo or Personal Photo :: The only Instagram users that should be using their logo in their profile are huge companies like Sharpie and Target. Instagram is personal. People wantRead More

How To Write Your Instagram Bio Like A Boss

Be yourself no matter what they say. Take a look at these amazing inspirational quotes that will light up you self-confidence inside you.

21 Quotes That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence

44 Lyrics For When You Need An Instagram Caption

44 Lyrics For When You Need An Instagram Caption

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Chocolate Is A Salad: Chocolate comes from cocoa. Cocoa is a tree. A Tree is a plant. Therefore, chocolate is a salad. Can't argue with that logic.

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✧ Tell her! ✧ Giving people compliments is so underrated. It is amazing how one can make someone feel so good by saying little thi