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I would probably get the girl tattooed somewhere. This would be a good companion tattoo to the other Green Day girl with balloon thing.

My insta faves (part 3)

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'Wonderful Tonight' Framed Print

Wonderful Tonight. Eric Clapton - never listened to the words when Clapton sang this. Then I heard another (better )version in accapella and it finally clicked how good this song was ...

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'Tomorrow' catches up with Annie star Aileen Quinn as she retraces the curly redhead orphan's steps 30 years on

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'An unbeatable script and a cast to match': Get excited, Game of Thrones season 3 is almost here

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Lol this is good ;) but seriously though, I know exactly how perfect I would be with Ashton! We genuinely have so much in common!! We would have so much to talk about!! For there to be a perfect relationship, opposites don't have to attract, sometimes those that have a lot in common, work out the best!

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