I'm back. In case. Were you meaning no to me? It's just she said it twice. Hope she's having a good time I'm quite jealous of that one lol! I'm only worried that they may be taken in and manipulated later. The girls are perfectly well taken care of and they know that. And they take care of others.

I don't know God has in mind for me but i do pray that i can treat her as the queen she is and deserves to be. Plus a strong women who can be a little bit savage is sexy af.

Lol this is exactly how I feel, its easy to see that you're special, so its easy from where I stand to see that I have fallen short, but what can you do?

Never let a good girl go. It's gonna kill you when you watch her be great to another man

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These type of girls are rare in these time of ages .. That means Im a rare :o

I am a girl. I don't smoke, drink or party every weekend. I don't sleep around or start a drama to get attention. Yes, we do exist.

"She had this way of always finding the good and believing in everything despite all she had seen" -Becca Lee

Now it is like a splinter you've embedded in my soul, always catching each breath with a longing to seek out your magic, to keep undying hope, to hold onto you.

One good girl is worth a thousand bitches...Appreciate what you have. Not what you don't!!

although being a good girl, she will be Your bitch when You want her to be too!

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Good Girls Want Bad Boys, Good Guys Want Bad Girls...What Is The Real Deal?

Every girl wants a bad boy who will be good just for her. Every boy wants a good girl who will be bad just for him.