Fuck u JORGE ALVAREZ HERRERA your LIES ! Can ONLY get u so far pretty sure that you are gonna fuck ur self sooner or later I hope im get to see it happen?

I don’t miss the yelling, name calling, constantly being blamed for everything and never properly being apologized to because you thought you never did anything wrong.

Glen Campbell’s new video for “Not Gonna Miss You” is heartbreakingly sad | Rare.     Entertainment

After the Douglas High School shooting, one man made sure his AR could never kill

Glen Campbell - I'm Not Gonna Miss You ~ Legendary Songwriter with Alzheimer’s Releases His Final Epic Ballad!

Your gonna miss the girlfriend I always was to you. I'm sorry.

Yea one dat didn't want u but needed u but guess u lyk dat want love .jus wasn't ready fo a real woman

Im gonna miss you

I'm gonna miss you Alaskan Bush People---The Season Finale was so emotional. I hope the family returns to Browntown soon!

Just remember...this is all your fault...you pushed her away and hurt her more than you will ever know!!!!

Just remember. you pushed her away and hurt her. I hope your heart is happy now.

Its because we keep replaying what the other person said in anger in our minds and won't forgive them..If you can't forgive people, then God won't forgive you either. It doesn't mean I want you back in my life. I'm tired of all the drama. Forgive for your well-being..

Too often we don`t realize what we have until it`s gone. Too often we`re too stubborn to say, `Sorry, I was wrong.` Too often it seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts, and we let the most foolish things tear us apart.

You're going to miss me. Most of all cause we been through so much. I'm done for my own good.

A part of me savored this as payback, knowing and witnessing you snap. But a lot of that setup what was to be the biggest cut of it all, losing you, losing a friend. Losing years of memories and moments.