Love how she portrays herself.  Probably real.  Admirable career and money smarts.  But took my man. :)

World Famous People Goldie Hawn World Famous People - Goldie Hawn is an actress. Born Goldie Jeanne Hawn on November

Death Becomes Her (1992). [PG-13] 104 mins. Starring: Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn, Isabella Rossellini, Alaina Reed-Hall, Jonathan Silverman and Fabio

Death Becomes Her (1992)

Decrepit Meryl Streep Is The Oldest Woman To Ever Grace The Cover Of Vogue

Decrepit Meryl Streep Is The Oldest Woman To Ever Grace The Cover Of Vogue

The really shitty reason "The First Wives Club" didn't get a sequel

Goldie Hawn Reveals Why "First Wives Club" Didn't Have A Sequel

Goldie Hawn(Goldie Jeanne Hawn, born November 21, 1945) ~ American Actress, Director, Producer, and occasional Singer. She is the mother of actors Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson, and Wyatt Russell. Hawn has been in a relationship with actor Kurt Russell since 1983.

Actress Goldie Hawn was also seen as a “It” girl, equipped with the quintessential haircut and doe eyes. Her career has only blossomed since then, but we love old-school Goldie style.

Goldie Hawn, 1964 - She is so cute!   I love her in the movie Overboard!

Goldie Hawn, 1964 via nevver

Very young Goldie Hawn. What a cute face. Check out this site of actors before they were famous

Overboard 13.7.12

Overboard (1987)

Overboard Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell - this is one of my favorite films

I love both these women!


Meryl Streep slays in this film, but Goldie also does a great job. Will never tire of watching this.

Goldie Hawn: Caught smoking

Yet another collection of latter-day licentious ladies. Anna Friel in New York's Central Park Goldie Hawn CrissCross Helen M.