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Tell if Your Goldfish Is a Male or Female

Many people are interested in finding out the gender of their goldfish. You might want to know for breeding purposes, or just to make sure you didn't name your female goldfish George. Sexing goldfish is a simple process, but can be very...

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This is intended to be a funny line... And it is. But is devout fans will recall... Last season we saw Tony's apartment for the first time. He had a goldfish. One goldfish. Named Kate. Meaning... The new goldfish must be named Ziva. And that, my dear NCIS fans, is how you kill a fandom.

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Goldfish do not have three second memories in list of animal myths exposed

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Osborne & Little - DERWENT Ornamental koi carp in a swirling pool, named after the forest and River Derwent in west Cumbria (formerly Cumberland). PRODUCT TYPE Wallpaper; washable.

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A giant goldfish named “Bruce”, or more formally known as a Red Oranda, measuring 37.2 centimetres (..

A giant goldfish named "Bruce", or more formally known as a Red Oranda, measuring 37.2 centimetres (..

In Norse Mythology, Hugin (“thought”) and Munin (“memory” or “mind”) are a pair of ravens that are the shamanic helping spirits of the god Odin. These informants are two of the many sources of Odin’s prodigious wisdom and it is from this associated that Odin is referred to as a “raven-god.” Hugin and Munin are semi-autonomous beings who are simultaneously projections or extensions of Odin’s own being. In Chapter seven of the Heimskringla book Ynglinga saga, which provides an euhemerized...

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A tiny patient has taken micro-surgery to a new extreme. An Australian couple spent hundreds of dollars to save their pet goldfish named George.

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Details about LC242 Fantail Goldfish named "Fancy"-Porcelain Figurine

Помпон ... как много это в этом слове)) / шарф из помпонов

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Australian Goldfish Called George Undergoes Surgery To Save His Life

SYDNEY — A goldfish named George has had life-saving surgery in Melbourne, Australia. The 10-year-old fish underwent $A200 emergency surgery for a large head tumour at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital on Thursday after his "quite attached" owner decided she couldn't let go of her beloved pet.