A Golden Lion Tamarin. These tamerin's are endangered and threatened by illegal logging, poaching, mining, urbanization and infrastructure development and the introduction of alien species.

Wildlife Wednesdays: Disney Efforts Help to Protect the Golden Lion Tamarin’s…

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From : wikipedia - * Golden Lion Tamarin * - A small, New World monkey native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil is also known as the Golden Marmoset -


Facts and Information about Golden Lion Tamarin Infant. Golden Lion Tamarin Infant Description, Behavior, Feeding and Reproduction.

golden lion tamarin!!!!!!!! I love monkeys!!!

God has the greatest sense of humor.He created animals and made some of them funny and funny looking :)

Happy family... ~Endangered Golden Lion Tamarins  {by Chris Balcombe}

Half Lion, Half Monkey? The World's Most Underrated Animal

All kids love a piggy back ride from dad, and these two baby Golden Lion Tamarins are no exception. In Tamarin tradition, the father carries the babies, with mom stepping in only to feed them when they feel hungry. (Photo by Chris Balcombe)

Golden Lion Tamarin or Golden Marmoset (Leontopithecus rosalia) - native to Atlantic coastal forests  of Brazil

Golden lion tamarin - aka golden marmoset, Native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil. classified as Endangered (EN) by the IUCN Red List

Golden Lion Tamarin - Leontopithecus rosalia rosalia

Golden Lion Tamarin - Leontopithecus rosalia rosalia another beautiful but endangered species