as-warm-as-choco:  Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボール) key-animation of Super Saiyan Goku vs Frieza from the 103th episode: “Pathos of Frieza”, which aired   24 years ago…   in August 14, 1991 in Japan ! Previous one: Vegeta    Another one!

as-warm-as-choco: Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボール) key-animation of Super Saiyan Goku vs Frieza from the episode: “Pathos of Frieza”, which aired 24 years ago… in August 1991 in Japan ! Previous one: Vegeta

Son Goku (VS Frieza) by GoddessMechanic2 on DeviantArt

"I'd rather be a brainless beast than a heartless monster. Pathos of Frieza - Dragon Ball Z

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Son Goku Vs Frieza by alex-malveda- This will always be another one of my favorite fights, next to Kaioken Goku and Vegeta and the Cell games.

Goku Vs Frieza by Ezio-anime on DeviantArt

DeviantArt: More Collections Like Dragon Ball Z - Radditz by ghenny

Goku vs Frieza

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F redone in classic DBZ style! The classic Dbz was legendary.

Goku: You can destroy whole planets...but you can never destroy what I am...Friend...."-Super Saiyan Goku. #SonGokuKakarot

FUNFACT: DragonBall was supposed to end on the Frieza Saga. Maybe that's why it is veeeery long.

Goku VS Freezer III by on @DeviantArt

Goku VS Freezer III by on @DeviantArt

One of the best fan pieces I've seen in a while! Goku vs Frieza: Fukkatsu no F by on @DeviantArt

Goku vs Freeza: Fukkatsu no F by uchiha-itasuke on DeviantArt