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Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Movie Poster 24x36


there are so many things that we could talk about in this picture... but lets just mention the best: first of all... what is Cho Chang's hair??? who told her that was a good look.. and then there's Cedric... who looks like he's trying to flirt but doesn't really know how. And then Fleur looks like she really doesn't want to be there and just might murder someone if she needs to.


No spoilers but I'd wait to read it because this is the best part of the goblet of fire


▶ New/Old video of Rob Pattinson with the other HP: Goblet of Fire cast at a London photocall - YouTube

Harry Potter Yule Ball Themed Party - Holiday Open House

> > > > E is for Educator < < < < IPs get to wear many different hats, one of which is that of an educator. While they may not be professors of witchcraft and wizardry, IPs have the rare opportunity to educate people of all ages on all subjects.