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"Put on your war paint" The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy Digging how it is "painted," almost looks like one of those crayon erase drawing.

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Dan and phil. If they ever stop talking to each other when they are older, like they got in a huge fight years back, I'm going to be so freaking mad. I will literally kidnap them and lock them a closet playing all their videos together on a tv screen. The room would be filled with Pokemon, pics of Simon, fan fiction, and of course, LIONS AND LLAMAS.

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gif of Benedict Cumberbatch dancing (or flailing...) WARNING: Do not watch this is you've just taken a drink of something, I almost spit water all over my computer screen when I watched this. Is this seriously him??

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Michael Clifford arrives from a sleepless flight in Los Angeles

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Disney's Moana's song quote : How Far I'll Go.

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15 Cheesy Relationship Things Every Twentysomething Secretly Wants

when i have a boyfriend i'll make him do this. I don't care if he thinks it's silly. Gosh... i sound like a terrible girlfried, maybe that's why i'm single lol

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