Gloriosa lily flower pictures

Exotic-looking with yellow and red flower petals that curl backward like a flash of brilliant flames, gloriosa lily plants will add unique interest to your garden or indoor setting. Learn more about the care of gloriosa lilies here.

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'Glory Lily' Gloriosa Bulb - A very unique flower that is capable of climbing 48-72" on a trellis. Bulb must be lifted in the fall unless you are lucky enough to live in Zones 9-11.

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Gloriosa Lilies consist of 5-6 tender climbing vines, which are natives of South Africa. Description from I searched for this on

This one is very easy to grow in Ctrl Florida. Read more: Thumbnail #38 of Gloriosa Lily, Glory Lily 'Rothschildiana' (Gloriosa superba)

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