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Ex-Mormon Shares Secrets From the Church of Latter-day Saints - August 22   NOTE: Hear our August 10 program with an ex-Mormon. We also discuss Glenn Beck's Mormonism and why one has to listen with discerning ears to Glenn. Go to RADIO then to COMPLETE ARCHIVES. We air on 652 radio stations.

Salt Lake Temple, which took 40 years to build, is one of the most iconic images of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church or, informally, the Mormon Church).

AM 760 KFMB is San Diego, California's top news/talk radio station, featuring: Roger Hedgecock, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mike Slater, Mark Levin and more on

AM 760 KFMB is San Diego, California's talk radio and breaking news leader. Featuring Armstrong and Getty, Mike Slater, Brett Winterble, and Mark Larson

Glenn Beck

Glen Beck - Beck on Obama's speech promoting education: "Gee, who is having . About Obama: "I'm telling you – this guy is dangerous.

Bain Owns ClearChannel (800×1080)

Who Owns Your Media?

Mitt Romney profits from Bain Capitals ownership of Clear Channel Media and it's support of right wing extremists.

Wow. There is nothing quite like seeing Bob Pittman, corporate owner of hate-salesmen like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Glenn Beck, on his knees. President of iHeartMedia Pittman is begging a San Antonio judge to give him a restraining order. But the radio stations owner doesn’t have a stalker or a crazed ex-wife. No, he wants a restraining order to keep his creditors from putting the hate-radio company in default and bankruptcy.

There is nothing quite like seeing Bob Pittman, corporate owner of…

Glenn Beck Says Radio Stations Canceling His Show Because of Anti Donald...

Glenn Beck Says Radio Stations Canceling His Show Because of Anti Donald Trump Rhetoric

Radio Station uses Patriot.LA as main website.  The Patriot KEIB AM-1150 is Los Angeles and Orange County's True American Values. Listen live to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Carlos Amezcua, Doc Thompson, Clark Howard, Joe Escalante, The Jesus Christ Show, and more.

Critic's have proclaimed Nathan East to be the most recorded bass guitarist in the history of music.

This GOP radio host is losing his contract this year. We can celebrate the loss of this hateful radio show.

Top Ten Rush Limbaugh Quotes About Women That Are Vile Even When Taken 'In Context'

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck announced on his radio show Wednesday morning that he has officially left the Republican Party.    Beck, whose program appears on, said the GOP lost him

‘Thank God’: Blaze Readers React to ‘Unprecedented, Powerful Coalition Three Major Conservative Personalities Are Building’

▶ Dinesh D'Souza: A World Without America - YouTube 1:36:08

Dinesh D'Souza: A World Without America Obama's America," spoke at Amherst College regarding American exceptionalism.

Viewpoint on Mormonism - radio show and podcast. This link takes you to the "A-Z: Introduction to Terms and Issues Related to Mormonism.

By Bill McKeever Although Doctrine and Covenants says that the LDS temple ordinances were “kept hid from before the foundations of the earth,” they are suspiciously close to thos…

Thank You God!  Glenn Beck Leaves The Republican Party | The Daily Caller

Glenn Beck Launches Fast So God Understands That Ted Cruz Should Win Tomorrow's Indiana Primary - Joe.

GLENN BECK – Personable fellow.  Shook his hand (Thank you, Doug!).

Free Zone Media Center News: Pathetic: Miss USA contestants face tougher questi.