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Finn <3 - Blame it on the alcohol!

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#Glee 6x05 "The Hurt Locker, Part two" - Sue, Kurt and Blaine

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anew92 Riding this bus!!! #lawdhavemercy @ jacobartist @Darren Himebrook Criss @ mbenoist

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As funny as this part of the scene is, Kurt brings up a really good point when he tells Sue that calling him names based on his orientation and gender expression is bullying-even if she didn't mean to hurt his feelings.

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No 3: Favourite Original Song: Loser Like Me x love it cause we are all losers and we are awesome x

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#Glee 6x08 "A Wedding" - Santana and her grandmother

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Hahaha love this scene!

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You Can't Change Your Past (Quinn Fabray - Glee)

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i still remember the very first boys vs girls competition! miss the old glee:( i remember all of this im crying right now like u should see me:( im probs gonna cry myself to sleep tonight

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NCIS Season 3 Episode 2 - "Kill Ari (Part II) || Kate's farewell ... It was really clever the way they did this. It made breaking the tie so much easier because we got to see her through the eyes of each team member. I liked each viewpoint ... except for Gibbs because he was so full of guilt because Kate had been protecting him. :(

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