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Message in a Bottle, Glass Vial Necklace, Spell Bottle, Mothers Day Necklace

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Glass Vial Necklace - Nightmares - Halloween Jewelry

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Violin necklace, tiny violin and clef charm glass vial necklace

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Forget-me-not Necklace - Flower Jewellery - Gifts for her - Flower Necklaces - Christmas Gift - Minimalist necklace - Gifts for mothers

This beautiful flat round shaped glass vial contains a real single dried and pressed Forget-Me-Not flower, which I hand picked from the wild within the Waveney Valley, Norfolk, England. How do I do this? After picking the flowers, I then go through the process of removing the green stem from the back of each forget-me-not flower and then lay them in rows on my flower press. The flowers are then dried and pressed over a period of a couple weeks. Once theyre ready to use, I choose the best…

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Stars Tiny Bottle necklace. Glass bottle pendant. Cute Necklace,original necklace, miniature bottle charm ,stars necklace, gifts for women

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Specialty Bottle - Glass Vials - for the tea favours. Also has soooo many other types of bottles and jars on the cheap.

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Cute White Lace glass Bottle Necklace, with glitter gel. CUSTOM GLITTER COLOR. Glass Vial Bottle Pendant miniature bottle

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Paper Boat bottle Necklace. Origami boat pendant, Ocean necklace, Glass Vial Necklace. Cute Necklace. original necklace, gifts for women

Paper Boat bottle Necklace. Ocean necklace, Glass Vial Necklace. Glass Bottle Pendant. Cute Necklace. Miniature bottle, origami boat pendant

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Star glass Bottle Necklace,with glitter gel.Mini Glass Vial necklace.miniature Bottle Pendant Cute necklace Star necklace glass vial pendant

Star Vial Bottle Necklace, with glitter gel. Mini Glass Vial necklace. €9,99, via Etsy.

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Steampunk Necklace, Gears Bottle. Glass Bottle Necklace, Gears Necklace. Miniature Bottle, Mini Bottle. Vintage Mechanical Watch Movement

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