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Awesome Above Ground Pools — Outdoor Inspiration Gallery


This stunning garden, with a little pool, is all about making the most of a small space. Love it!


I want to go to this amazing house! I hope I don't creep out the owners. " hey can I come in?" Said me "ummm no" said owner " please! I just want to swim I'm ur pool in ur house!!!" Said me " how do u know I have a pool in my house POLICE!!!" Said owner " no don't call the po po I'm leaving!!!" Said Me hahaha


Awesome Above-Ground Outdoor Pool (10 pics)

Designed by Andres Remy Architects, a modern above-ground outdoor pool in Devoto, Argentina When planning the placement of the swimming pool, the architects carefully studied the path of the sun. The pool is elevated from the ground creating a glass wall that allows views from within and outside. Even people inside the house can see the action in the pool while lounging on the sofa.


The Guedes Cruz Wall House is a slice of Paradise on a golf course. The modern concrete home has two perpendicular pools, one floating above the other.


London's new 'sky pool' will let you live out your flying fish fantasies

A new London development on the south bank of the Thames is getting its very own "sky pool" – a 10 storey-high glass pool suspended between two apartment blocks