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Gladiator (2000)

Quite tragic when you realise that all Commodus wanted was his father's love and respect

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6 points about: Gladiator So I have just watched Gladiator with much anticipation, but unfortunately I was a bit let down. I hadn’t planned on doing 6 points about it, but here we are I guess. For a movie so high on IMDB and that won best picture and the whole lot, I was let …

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4/14/14 12:19a Universal Pictures ''Gladiator'' Russell Crowe: ''At My Signal, UNLEASH HELL''' Maximus Decimus Meridius 2000

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I confess, I love and would be happy to wear any of Connie Nielsen's costumes from Gladiator. I'm going to be self-indulgent a post a few examples; this is the first.

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Maximus, General das Legiões Romanas, é querido por todos até pelo Imperador, Marco Aurélio, que antes de morrer o escolhe como sucessor, pondo de lado o seu próprio filho, Cómodo.Movido pelo ódio, prepara uma conspiração contra Maximus, condenando-o a ele e à sua família à morte. Maximus tenta salvar a mulher e o filho, mas chega é demasiado tarde. Maximus regressará a Roma como gladiador, em busca de vingança

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