Concentrate on yourself

Lower the expectations, love has been eroded by the object of my desire's careless behavior, lower chances of getting hurt

YES yes exactly, that scene meant so much when talking about Alec's thoughts and realization about his true feelings

Like he said to his Mother "Don't give up on someone, just because they are a hard choice" (I probably made a mistake, I am sorry)

This is too good to pass up!  Pin for later!!  If you need NO PREP grammar practice worksheets for your students, this is for you. 22 Common Core Standards are addressed for 1st-3rd grades. These are fun worksheets that will give you a true picture of mastery. Some of the standards included are comas, plurals, the w's, past and present tense, suffixes, compound words, punctuation, subjects and predicates, parts of speech, and synonyms.

Grammar Practice - Jumbo Pack - Print and Go

This is too good to pass up! If you need NO PREP grammar practice worksheets for your students, this is for you. 22 Common Core Standards are addressed for grades. These are fun worksheets that will give you a true picture of mas

Law of Attraction - been doing this for a few years now and it's almost scary how well it works!!

Vaughn motivations and meditations art the motivator motivational quote of the day. never give up.

Silence noun 1. deep silence and calm; stillnesss.  synonyms: quietness, quiet, silence, stillness, hush, soundlessness   Just be still and know that he is God. Stop worrying and doubting God. We are always looking at what we do not have, instead of looking at what we do have and being thankful. God just wants you to say thank you. He has your children under control do not sit up all night concern. Matthew 6:27- Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life. Stop giving up…

The Number One Cause of Insomnia: Anxiety and How to Deal With It

AWESOME website with strategies for special needs education, behavior managment, social skills

printable emotion cards, story strips, behavior picture cards: Educational Resources for Special Needs

Free Rice: Each correctly answered question results in a donation of 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme. FreeRice provides free educational games for children, and for each correct answer, the organization donates 10 grains of free rice to someone in need. charities-we-love

Full disclosure, I pinned this because the first word means Cat-Lover~ The 100 most beautiful words in English

For the word lovers…

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English, I would say 100 of the most beautiful words, only a one hundred? How about just 100 beautiful words in English?

Synonyms Activity with photo albums - what a great idea, I wonder what other activities I can use photo albums for?

Neat idea using picture albums and dry-erase markers! Great for Speech-Lang. activities as well as teachers in classrooms!

Lab Tests Online--Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) is a frequently ordered panel of tests that gives important information about the current status of your kidneys, blood sugar, electrolyte and acid/base balance. It's a group of 8 specific tests that have been approved, named, and assigned a CPT code as a panel by Medicare.This grouping of tests has become standardized throughout the United States.

Lab Tests Online Information on the many clinical lab tests are part of routine care as well as diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases. The site is a collaboration of professional societies in the lab community.

Synonym Flowers! This is a great idea...give each student a paint chip with a word and have them come up with the synonyms!

A paint-chip synonym garden! The colors on the paint strip are similar, but not exactly the same, just like the synonyms themselves. Love this! Think I'll try this next year and add an antonym to the last space, as suggested by the original poster.

Put it on the paper and it gives you a definition of whatever word you put it on, pronounces it to you, then gives you synonyms.

The point and Click Dictionary. This is the pocket-sized scanner that instantly looks up and displays word definitions. Idea for my boyfriend for Christmas!