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Girls Making Out

This makes me think about the idea that the monster is a psychological one. What does it represent in the girl's psyche? Loss of innocence?

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Fat-Free Crispy Potatoes

I’m not usually one for calorie counting or avoiding fat but I have seen a lot of recipes for oil-free fries around and was curious to try it out for myself. I decided to try making my favourite crispy new potatoes recipe but without the fat and with a low sodium option for dieters. I...Read More »

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i think that this photograph has a calm and casual look to it, because the image is dark but doesn't have the darkness look of bad attitude, i fell that the photograph is casually saying that the girl is in the bath washing her hair.

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//open// Anthony lets out a quiet string of curses, hitting the keyboard out of frustration. He wants to get the work done, he wants to find the girls. Unfortunately nothing he's tried is working so far and it's continuously making his frustration and anger grow.

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Create your own biodegradable leaf confetti -

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