Girl's Day MinAh by Blue Eyed Kpop Idols

Single eyelid, also called a monolid, means an eyelid that doesn't create a crease on the upper eyelid. This fold in the upper eyelid is more commonly known as a double eyelid. Although many people consider single eyelids as unique and charming, ther

Girl's Day Minah #^ㅅ^#

Happy birthday to Girl's Day's Minah Birthday: May 1993 American age: 23 International age: 24

Minah & Yura – Concept Photo For ‘Everyday lV’

Minah & Yura of girls day– Concept Photo For ‘Everyday lV’

Girl's day taking a selca

Girl's Day have always been the epitome of 'cute', but with "Expectation", they put forth a sexy image instead.The girls were asked …