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Am I the only who find girls cute when they do that? - Imgur...wheres the guys that think I'm cute when I do this?!

teenager post inappropriate quotes that are funny - Google Search It is interesting to me that I have several senior girls who still absolutely love the Harry Potter series. I imagine that this is because they read the books when they were young and the franchise has only just finished releasing the movies which has kept their loyalty. Reduced Stress Turbo Charge Read all your self-development books.


Female armour in RPGs

Female armour in RPGs I disapprove of the female depictions ... Only cuz I'm fat n gross but still it's a little scanty


13 Things Only Gamer Girls Know To Be True

Truth is, I'm not a "girl gamer," I'm just a gamer and, yes, I always want to talk about video games and the game industry. I don't pretend to be a badass, I just really, really enjoy it.


Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Pewdiepie

I am up for this. I'd totally watch that! "MARK WE'RE LOSING OUR COLOR!!!!!" "WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!!! PEWDIEPIE!!!!! COLOR US IN!!!!!!" "Not until you give me the last piece of cake in the fridge!!"


Never lie, cheat, play games or simply avoid being honest. The only person who fails in that is the person doing it because nobody wants that sort of person in their life.