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[...] Dentre tantos destinos de nossa devoção, nunca se tem total ciência quantos deles não são, na verdade, um luzeiro sem consistência. (Adriano Dias)

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(Open RP. Be her boyfriend. Dirty romance involved.) I had forgotten I had wings. I couldn't concentrate right. I stopped flying midway, and began to fall. I screamed, knowing no one would hear me. I kept falling and I suddenly felt a soft pair of arms pick me up. It was Jace, my beloved boyfriend. I wrap my arms around you and start to cry. "Shh... It's okay, everything's alright. I'm here." He calmed me down. I smiled and kissed him. "Let's go home." (Credit: McKenna S)

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First Snow - Wonderful painting of a girl experiencing the first snow. The snowflakes are depicted to be gently falling around her as she looks forward to the winter debris.

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