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Indeed! That and the big cats are the only reason to go to the zoo. If I'm asked if I want to a go to a zoo I've never been to, my first question is "Are there giraffes?"

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Como um guia espiritual, a girafa apresenta qualidades de visão, ser capaz de ver em todas as direções. Com os pés na terra ea cabeça no céu, a girafa simboliza o equilíbrio adquirida com a sua perspectiva que se estende por toda parte.


Shona Giraffe Sculpture

Shona Giraffe Sculpture Per the website, "Shona is a 20th-century name given to a number of related ethnic groups in Zimbabwe. They speak similar dialects of a standardized Shona language, and many trace their ancestry back to the 12th-century capital city of Great Zimbabwe, whose ruins are now a UNESCO World Heritage site." more information can be found at

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