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How do giraffes drink water. animales facts


Arusha, Tanzania (by solnikungaro) Love Giraffes but they do look ungainly when they need to reach the ground.

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3dRose - Florene Childrens Art II - Giraffe Drinking Water - 11 oz mug

This is how Giraffes drink water

Imagine if you had to do the splits in order to get a drink of water! Now that’s what we call a Water Taste Challenge! Watching a giraffe drink from a watering hole is quite a spectacle! Since their necks are too short to reach the water’s surface when they are standing upright, they need to separate their front legs at an angle of almost 45 degrees. For giraffes, drinking water is definitely a challenge. Thankfully the Earth Rangers Water Taste Challenge is much easier! We want you to…


Bjork - Vulnicura [Vinyl New]

Giraffe drinking water fridge magnet.

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17 Things You Wouldn't Understand Unless You Were Tall Growing Up

When you’d drink out of your school’s water fountains and feel like you looked like a giraffe drinking water: | 17 Situations Every Tall Person Experienced Growing Up

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Stupefying Facts About Giraffes That Will Make You Gawk

Giraffe Drinking Water

This is how giraffes drink water. #uberfacts