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You Don’t Think We Got This Rich Giving Stuff Away Do You?

This photo shows no individual rights and no freedom, but it shows the rule of law as opposed to rule of man, as you can see opposite the small boy, the man with all of the power. Capitalism, is nothing but greed and money, a successful business in poverty all over the world, benefiting no one but the leaders.

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Who, What, Why: What is the Gini coefficient


Gini coefficient - Wikipedia


Shifting inequality keeps European football leagues on their toes -

By using the Gini coefficient, usually used to show how relative incomes — but in this case points — are distributed, we can see how the balance of performance power in each league has shifted over time.

This gif shows the changing Gini coefficient of per capita income in US states between 1977 and 2012. The Gini coefficient is a measure of inequality, with higher numbers (represented here by greener colors) representing greater inequality.

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40 charts that explain the world

The “golden thread” must weave in a global strand -- It is time, already, to talk of which refers to life after the 2015 deadline for meeting the eight Millennium Development Goals adopted by the global community in


Wealth Inequality 2.7 Association between progressivity of pension system and income equality. The horizontal axis is labelled ‘Gini coefficient for incomes of population 65 and over’ and the scale runes from 0 to 60 in intervals of 10 units. The vertical axis is labelled ‘Progressivity index’ and the scale runs from minus 40 to plus 120 in intervals of 20 units. The chart is a scatter plot with a dot for each of 25 different countries.

Lesson: Graphing a Lorenz Curve and Calculating the Gini Coefficient | Econedlink