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In the series of healthy, probiotic sodas, here is a really simple but-oh-so yummy one: Ginger Ale! Water Kefir - First Ferment 4 ...


Ginger-Glazed Ham

You can adapt this freely, depending on the number of people you want to feed at the first sitting (I did this for 11 adults and 6 children last year) and how many days you want to eke it out for afterwards. But what is important, given that this is probably the most labour-intensive time of year in the kitchen, is that this dispenses with any fiddly steps. The gammon is simply simmered in ginger ale and, although you need to strip off the rind to glaze it, the glaze is straightforward. It…

Grapefruit Ginger Spritzer

A delicious grapefruit and ginger spritzer, a fun mocktail everyone will enjoy!


Horse's Neck Cocktail Recipe

The Horse's Neck cocktail was originally a non-alcoholic beverage consisting of a mixture of ginger ale, ice and lemon peel. By the 1910s, bartenders had started adding brandy to the mix, giving us the cocktail we have today. The drink is identifiable by the long, curling spiral of lemon rind garnish.


Toto Fabulous Toto – Jamaican Coconut Cake

Toto. Traditional Jamaican Coconut Cake. Fantastic recipe by That Girl Cooks Healthy. Vegetarian/Vegan.


Vegan chocolate, cherry & honeycomb parfait

Finding inspiration when cooking vegan meals isn't as difficult as people might think. Here are some delicious recipes to help you. All of our vegan recipes are based on guidelines from The Vegan Society and exclude all animal products.