Jessica Pearson off the clock? Off the hook. Fans of #Gina Torres, you're welcome. Xo #Suits

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Gina Torres. Watch her in: Angel, The Matrix (2 & 3), Firefly, Serenity, Alias, Pushing Daisies, Drop Dead Diva

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Welcome to the inaugural post of “Why Women Love Science Fiction.” Please submit and repin because there are only so many that I'll be able to share myself.

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Zoe, Firefly. By unknown artist.<<if anyone knows who, please comment. This is gorgeous and deserves credit!

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I’m impossibly tall. When they find it hard to pair you up with the opposite sex, then what’s left for a woman? Either you’re the ball-buster or the not-so-attractive girlfriend standing by the lead. I mean, traditionally not so attractive. ... When you fall within the cracks, you thank God for sci-fi, because they’ll give you a gun, and they’ll say, ‘Go over there and conquer that world. You kick some ass, girl!" Gina Torres (on working on Firefly) :D

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