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Gina Rinehart beats Julia Gillard on Forbes' most powerful women list

Gina Rinehart beats Julia Gillard on Forbes most powerful women list

Criticism over Great Barrier Reef deals for Gina Rinehart's mining company

Australia’s environment protection system is called ‘broken’ over reports of concessions on conditions and payments

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Can't beat a white suit, in my opinion. Bianca Rinehart (Gina Rinehart's daughter) in Vogue.

Gina Rinehart reveals her landholdings

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"Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has proposed a new way to broaden Australia's tax base - allowing convicted criminals to buy their way out of jail." - that's right, BUY their way out of jail.

Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart has criticised her country's economic performance and said Africans willing to work for $2 a day should be an inspiration. Ms Rinehart is said to make nearly A$600 (£393) a second, and her views have been dismissed by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

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