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Can You Make It Through This "Gilmore Girls" Sudden Death Quiz?

Only Serious "Gilmore Girls" Fans Will Be Able To Make It To The End Of This Quiz In One Try


Which Character From Gilmore Girls Are You Most Like?

I got: Rory Gilmore! You are most like the beautiful, charming, witty, smart, and stylish Rory Gilmore. You love a great book to read and are always up to speed on all the latest news in pop culture. You have big ambitions, so reach as high as you can because the sky is the limit. Plus, you have a great relationship with your mom! How lovely! Which Character From Gilmore Girls Are You Most Like?


Quiz: Which Gilmore Girl are you?

The pilot episode of Gilmore Girls first aired 15 years ago, on Oct. 5, 2000. In celebration of a decade and a half of Friday night dinners, quirky Stars Hollow events, and rapid-fire, pop-culturally literate dialogue, we’ve made a quiz by which you can determine which of three generations of Gilmore Girls you are. So are you a Rory, a Lorelai, or an Emily?

Who Said It: Rory Or Lorelai?

Two summers ago, my family and I toured Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. We had the opportunity to walk by the set that was used as the town of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls, a show I'd never seen. When I arrived home, I queued up the pilot ep


How Well-Versed in Gilmore Girls Knowledge Are You?

10 Facts About Gilmore Girls You Probably Never Knew — Actually, I knew every single one of these. I'm posting this for the people who don't.


Community Post: 14 “Gilmore Girls” Questions That Are Impossible To Answer



Which Rory Gilmore Are You?

This quiz is fun and hilarious. I got High School Book Nerd Rory. If you love Gilmore Girls, give this quiz a try.


Only a TRUE “Gilmore Girls” Fan Can Get 12/12 On This Quiz

With the new episodes of Gilmore Girls fast approaching, it’s just the right time to brush up on your knowledge. Are you a true superfan who can you pass this Gilmore Girls trivia quiz? Let’s find out!