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Japanese gift wrapping and bows

Professional Gift Wrapping Techniques

Presents!!  Universally loved, they can give the receiver much joy and the wrapper –pardon me, the giver—much grief.  Wrapping boxes takes creative resources that we may or may not possess, not to …

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Before Wrapping, Always Line The Inside Of The Paper With Ribbon. Here's Why

I've wondered how to do this for a while and even though I don't understand what they say, this is so much easier to understand then trying to just read instructions.

Die Cut Butterflies from a freebie paint chip sample = A simple, and yet pretty, birthday card!

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Decorative wooden fish - Seaside Gifts - maritime and nautical gifts and beach decorations in the UK, hanging fish ornaments ideal as decoration in a fish restaurant, wooden school of fish art and other fish themed decorative items.

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12 Clever Gift Wrapping Techniques

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