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Do it Yourself Gift Basket Ideas for All Occasions

Put together a gift basket for any occasion and make someone's day! Easy do it yourself ideas!:

from Dodo Burd

38 Unique Gift Baskets That Don’t Suck

"Nostalgia Baskets" are an awesome idea! I made one for my brother's with some of his favourite childhood memories in it - trading cards, retro sweets, couple of funny photos and a second hand Gameboy Colour off ebay.

from Play.Party.Plan

Tips for Creating Perfect Gift Baskets

Love these tips for creating the perfect gift basket and how cute is that spring cleaning gift basket idea? I'd love to get that! #KleenexStyle #ad


How to Make a Gift Basket for the Woman who Loves Morning Quiet Time

I love giving gift baskets for Christmas! They're so easy to personalize. I'm currently in love with this gray wicker basket from Walmart. It makes the perfect container for this "quiet time" themed basket.

from DIY Joy

53 Coolest DIY Mason Jar Gifts + Other Fun Ideas in A Jar

Homemade DIY Gifts in A Jar | Best Mason Jar Cookie Mixes and Recipes, Alcohol Mixers | Fun Gift Ideas for Men, Women, Teens, Kids, Teacher, Mom. Christmas, Holiday, Birthday and Easy Last Minute Gifts | Everything in a Jar Gift For Everyone |