A classmate shared this recipe with me over 30 years ago. Bless him for this one! (Who knew guys could cook this well!) No more making a roux that gets darker than we want. You always get a consistently thick, golden yellow gravy thats chock full of bits of goodness that you add. And, if you happen to have leftovers (only because you doubled the recipe) its just as delicious on rice the next day as it was on the dressing. Give it a go and see if you dont agree that its the best and eas...

Granny's Giblet Gravy aka Yellow Gravy.... https://grannysfavorites.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/grannys-giblet-gravy-aka-yellow-gravy/

Old-Fashioned Giblet Gravy Recipe with Hard-Cooked Eggs - Can be low-carb easily - I chopped the giblets in the food processor and between that, the chopped egg, the butter, and cream, the gravy was thick enough that no flour was needed. I thought it would be gross, but it was truly delicious, even with the egg in it! It's even better w/drippings from smoked turkey.

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