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The Chicken Machine.. There was one of these in the Copps IGA and grandma gave me a quarter all the time.

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Chicago florist Mike Hines has been creating artistic, atypical, not-your-grocery-store-variety arrangements for private clients and upmarket hotels for the past ten years, at his lofty Epoch studio on the West Side.

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reading This Book right now! It's fantastic So Far! I Highly Recommend it! Paper towns By John green

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This is not just any M&S store... Retail giant gets a £600m facelift

Nanya McIntosh, director of store marketing and design said: 'We wanted to have the look and feel of a small artisan bakery'

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Goji berry also known as ChineseWolfberry is an exotic fruit native to southeastern Europe and Asia. Description from I searched for this on

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we had the one on my right with the orange flowers and my friend had the brown ones with the giant white flower!!

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