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((Fc/ Annie Potts)) Hello, I'm Janine. The Ghostbusters secretary. I've gotten calls about all kinds of crazy, call us anytime and I'll be answering your calls. I love reading and I'm kinda social. Come call for an appointment.


Ghostbusters Janine Melnitz and Louis Tully Costume

Katharine: My husband and I dressed as Janine and Louis from Ghostbusters II. Janine's outfit is all homemade. Louis Tully's outfit is a standard jumpsuit with handsewn patches and a homemade...

ghostbusters JANINE MELNITZ SCREAMING HEROES 1988 the real kenner 99p

kenner The Real GHOSTBUSTERS action figures 1988 JANINE MELNITZ screaming heroes Includes: cloth skirt, ghost, and weapon Figure condition:  excellent  figure s