Slimer out of butcher block paper? Or event a bunch of green plates?

Pizza and Ghostbusters marathon. Likely to pass out though. Might have to spike that juice box.

"Say Hi to the Bad Guy" Movie Art Show Collection — GeekTyrant

"Say Hi to the Bad Guy" Movie Art Show Collection

Halloween Ectoplasm Slimed Popcorn

For Halloween, Nova Scotia-based Suzie Ridler of Suzie the Foodie created a Ghostbusters-inspired recipe for Ectoplasm Slimed Popcorn. It consists of "old school" popcorn topped with a green slime .

The Ghost Busters should have came and took care of Ghost. The Ghost had no right to come and tell Hamlet that. It's not Hamlets responsibility to do such a thing. If he was a true father then he wouldn't have told his son and filled him with such bad things.

Make it So: Ghostbusters III

A recreation of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover a la Ghostbusters. Venkman with the cigarette and no shoes is perfect! Here's the original Abbey Road cover and a couple behind the scenes photos before the photo.