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Adinkra symbols (Ghanaian Symbols) - some of the many symbols the African culture use for stamping motifs onto their fabric they have.


Akosia  -  from the woven vessel series, Women Forms by Jackie Abrams Akosia is the name of all Ghanaian women born on Sunday. She is woven with cotton paper, wire, Ghanaian batiked fabric, and recycled glass beads.  11” h x 8” x 8”

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Most West African countries are familiar with the popular street food Puff- Puff ,  which is known by different names depending on the country. Ghanaians call it Bofrot (togbei) , Cameroonians and Nigerians call it Puff-Puff (Puff) or beignet in French. The basic ingredient consists of: flour, sugar, yeast, water, salt and oil for …

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King Mansa Musa I (Emperor) was an important Malian king, ruling from 1312 to 1337 Musa ruled the Mali Empire his worth the equivalent of $400 billion in today’s currency, which makes him the richest man in the last 1000 years of human history -a master businessman & economist gained his wealth through Mali’s supply of gold, salt and ivory, the main commodities for most of the world during that time. Shaka, king of the Zulus (1787) inherited the throne of father Zulu Chief Senzangakhona.


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The Ashanti tribe of Ghana have for centuries produced a fabric named Adinkra that is stamped or printed with ancient symbols. The cloth is worn by Ghanaians on special occasions like festivals, weddings and funerals.