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Getting Ready For Baby

Lilliana and I had the chance to visit my sister, Ysabel, who's due with baby number one in less than four weeks! Here are some things we c...

Getting Ready for Baby vs. Getting Ready for Motherhood

Most people focus on getting ready for the baby, which is great and definitely helpful. But Approaching Motherhood is all about helping you feel confident and excited about becoming a mom (all on your own terms). Our online workshop covers what a great mom is, what she does and doesn't do, and how you can start preparing for that today. It's not a handbook for moms. It's about turning your attention inward and finding your true-self and using your own intuition as a mom.. preparing for baby…


Top 10 Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery

Top 10 #Exercises For Normal Delivery. Wish to have a normal delivery without having any kind of complications


17 Practical Ways to Get Ready for Baby

17 Practical Ways to Get Ready for Baby - Finally! A practical list of things big and small to do to get ready for the arrival of baby! Great ideas!

15 Totally Genius Ways to Organize Baby Clothes

You might be in that nesting stage and trying to get everything ready for the new arrival. Here are some ideas and tips for helping you get that baby's clothes all organized and ready to go.


If you're getting ready for a baby, you definitely want to read about these 10 things that will make life easier after your bundle arrives!

1. Paint before you put baby in. Finish all painting and wallpapering a few weeks before baby is expected, and leave windows open for aeration until the actual arrival 2. Do what you can to keep t...


How to get the house ready for a Newborn Baby


9 Steps You Can Take During Pregnancy To Get Your Dog Baby-Ready