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This is why I love them <3 not only are all my favorite bands best friends with eachother, they also aren't afraid to be themselves and joke with people. They don't have to worry about reputation like all those other pop artist cuz reputation doesn't matter to them, music does. And if you let the fact that someone in the band is "gay" interfere with calling them your favorite band then, honestly get the fuck off. Lol you shouldn't be listening to them if your gonna worry about that kind of…

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Dogs in Art at the StockBridge Gallery - Seriously! Weimeraner Drawing by Laura Hardie, £95.00 (!--Weimeraner-Drawing-by-Laura-Hardie.html)

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Great Movie! I loved watching a simple drama with good old fashioned ACTING with other people instead of REACTING against two hours of cg graphics

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Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler - Perfect. Apparently my boyfriend looks like him soooo bitch, better stay away.

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