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Fairy Door Mailboxes. Everyone loves getting letters in the mail... fairies are no exception. These special Fairy Mailboxes are the perfect size for fairy mail. #finleeandme #fairydoor #fairydooraccessories

Tellico Plains, Tennessee - 12 ft. Tall Dragon Mailbox The 12 ft. tall Dragon Mailbox gets its picture taken over 100 times a day by motorcyclists and visitors to the Cherohala Skyway. Wild stuff can also be seen like a bent over lady greets visitors after they spy the Dragon...[Joe Kyte, 10/04/2009] Topiary Joe makes huge topiary sculptures for a living. He made the World's Longest Hydroponic Chia Dinosaur -- 62 feet -- in Ft. Worth, Texas.

This is a really fun way to teach kids about bones.I read the book Dem Bones and we also sung songs about our bones.Another funny book to read is Skeleton Has Hicups. The kids then get to make their own skeleton using Q tips. They can make it a girl or a boy by adding bows or bowties.So fun!!! This is not my original idea, it might be by Mailbox.I have added to the idea over the years.


Famous for her husky, trembling singing voice, Judy Garland is the twelfth honoree in the United States Postal Service’s Legends of Hollywood Series.

Frozen Banana Penguin Oh we rather LOVE this!! I know we've seen them before, however, with the current LOVE for penguins in the UK thanks to one certain department store Christmas TV ad, we just cannot get enough of the…