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Blue hair!)) Ari: i walk around the shop to find baby things. My brothers girlfriend was pregnant. I smile as i pick a few things off the shelf. I put them in my basket and carry on walking. It was late and barely anyone was around. I pay and put them in my car. I smile a little and close the boot. I turn and felt my body get pushed back, into the car.

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I lost the pink ones I got a few years ago from Rich, so would love some new ones..if anyone is reading this. ;)

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Male privilege >> Are there that many subservient women out there who raise men who think it's ok to treat women like this?!

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luke hemmings gif | Tumblr Because they say he's 18, but sometimes I think he's 7

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Otabek is now Yurio's official bodyguard against rabid Yuri's Angels *cough cough* HIS BOYFRIEND

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30 Polka Dot Dresses – Cuteness Overload

eva mendes clothing collection - eve mendes blue and white polka dot dress- how to make ryan gosling your boyfriend -

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well jokes still on you cuz now he's had a girlfriend and he didn't have one before and now he has knowledge of how to get a girl

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The Descent (2005) Six girlfriends, led by thrill seeker Juno (Natalie Mendoza), go spelunking a year after a tragic incident. But when they get trapped under the earth, all rationale escapes them as they start to suffer from limited oxygen and delusions -- or are they? Now, the friends must find a way to escape the cave and the murky creatures that lie within it. Writer-director Neil Marshall helms this horrific tale about a caving trip turned nightmare.

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The smile is the arguably the most important feature of one’s appearance. It is the reason why celebrities do not forget to pose with their...

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