Gestation Table for Cattle! It's still a good estimate, even though a Lowline's gestation period is only 270 days.

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Human mothers have a relatively long gestation period compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, but a few animal mothers go even further. Here's our list of t

"Giraffes have a gestation period between 400-460 days...With lions and other predators abound, the world is a dangerous place for baby giraffes when they first come into the world--part of the reason for the long delay." (via

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Information on raising goats, detecting when their in heat, breeding, gestation periods, kidding all the way up to milking.

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Animal Pregnancy Baby Shower Game - Guess the Gestation Period of Each Animal Comes with Answer Key - Adorable Baby Animal Baby Shower Game

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goat info - gestation period calander

Dual Purpose Sheep Breed list including information, a short history, fun facts and more for popular breeds of dual purpose sheep.

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