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When the iron curtain fell, one condition of German reunification was that all memorials to the Soviet dead would be maintained. Description from I searched for this on

The glittery cone inside the Reichstag dome - Berlin, Germany. It's very impressive, but not worth joining the line. Book dinner and see it for the Reichstag restaurant, skip the line and see the roof for free.


Berlin, the Emerald City

Built as a city entrance leading to the palace of the Prussian monarchs, the Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of freedom and reunification after the fall of the Wall in 1989.


Top News: "UK: 130,000 New Members Excluded From Labour Vote" - - In a message posted on their crowdfunding website, Ms Fordham said: " This has been an odd, emotional-rollercoaster of a week for us all. on Politicoscope -

Lydia Litvyak. One of two Russian pilots who were the world’s ONLY female fighting aces during World War II. She kicked Nazi butt.


Gordon Brown joins world leaders to mark fall of Berlin Wall

The fall of the Berlin Wall. A group of East Germans watch the wall come down, and they must surely know that East Germany's days are numbered.