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Old fashioned german girl names for writing/naming characters and... babys... of course... #names #Baby #vintage #writing

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Baby Boy Name: Rune. Meaning: Secret. Origin: Ancient Norse; German.

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Baby Boy Name: August. Meaning: Worthy of Respect. Origin: Latin; German.

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Baby Boy or Girl Name: Thayer. Meaning: Rebel. Origin: Teutonic; German; English.

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I can no longer see anything in rainbow and not think of @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Fox - colors in german

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German Names. Because Jastians are probably originally German.

Baby Girl Name: Annelise. Meaning: Graced With God's Bounty. Origin: Latin; German; Danish; Swedish.

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Baby Boy Name: Aksel. Meaning: Father of Peace. Origin: Hebrew; German; Danish; Finnish.

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Baby Boy Name: Tobias. Meaning: The Lord is Good. Origin: English; German; Hebrew; Greek.

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