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German Flag Ww2

A soldier of the Red Army raises the Russian flag above the Reichstag in Berlin as the city falls to the Allies in 1945

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Canadian soldiers with a Nazi German flag which they captured during the Battle of Normandy

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"Tag der Deutschen Polizei 1941" or "Day of the German Police 1941": by the German artist R. Seyfried, who unfortunately I know nothing about. They were also done as postcards that came in a commemorative pack. "WHW" stands for "Winterhilfswerk" or Winter Relief - literally "winter help work" indicating they were used as donation tools to support the Police fighting in anti-partisan duties behind the Army.

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Cherbourg June the 26th 1944, 14:00. German soldiers emerge from the command post of General von Schlieben under the white flag.

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Flak-Kanoniere of the 2. SS-Panzer-Division 'Das Reich' wave a flag to alert the Stuka pilots above them of their position at the frontline in the region of Belgorod, Russia. In the left an Sd.Kfz. 10/5 carried the 2 cm FlaK 30. 3 August 1943.

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World War II in colour - England, circa 1945 Ace American pilot Lieutenant Colonel Francis S. Gabreski poses in a cockpit. The flags refer to the 28 enemy planes brought down by Gabreski. If you look closely above the swastikas it names the type of plane shot down.

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