"20. Nov. 1999", by Gerhard Richter. Oil paint on color photography. Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen (Germany).

Gerhard Richter reinforces the unique aspect of each of these mediums and opens a field of tension rich in paradoxes, as old as the couple – painting / photography

Philipp Karcher - #467: Technical Study Like Gerhard Richter (2012) - Acrylic on canvas

Philipp Karcher, (Technical Study Like Gerhard Richter), Acrylics on Canvas.

Gerhard Richter (one of my favorites artists)  "Woman Descending a Staircase"  Oil on canvas- wait, WHAAAT?!! O.O

Gerhard Richter : Woman Descending the Staircase (Frau die Treppe herabgehend) 1965 Oil on canvas 198 x 128 cm x 51 in.