MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE...GERARD WAY, with his wife--- LYN-Z, renacting the infamous scene of former President John.F. Kennedy's assassination...    Gerard, of course as the deceased president, and Lyn-Z as Jackie O.

Picmonkey is amazing. Gerard Way and wife Lynz did a tribute to JFK and I just made it a bit more gothic.

just an example of sexism at its finest :,( smh i love lindsey

Who wrote this? Whoever wrote this deserves to be hit with a chair. Lindsey is her own person and has her own career not just "Gerard Way's wife." <<< SLAY LINDSEY DRAG THOSE BITCHES

I left the pool and decided I will go cleaning and make sure Taylor and Dylan are doing good *smiles* I feel like a Mom *laughs* Mama Gee

Gerard Way on

Gerard Way, clean, lean, domesticated red apron wearing machine.

I swear these two are like the cutest freakin couple ever and bandit just completes them.

I swear these two are like the cutest freakin' couple ever and Bandit just completes them. ~The Dazzler

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poor cereal guy he died gerard is way to sexy for the human eye

Relationship goals this is adorable

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