Georgian houses are so gorgeous.  I'd love one in that style (though not quite so big, I'm sure).

Architectural Style: Georgian- A box shaped house with two story's, nine windows, five on top, four on bottom, and two chimneys.

Georgian architecture: The Royal Crescent in Bath, England.

Royal Crescent, Bath, England was a beautiful sight to behold. It was strange to learn that the facade was little more than that originally. reminds me of Jane Austen

This is a Georgian style home. It has quoins, keystones, and end chimneys.

This is a Georgian home. And I know this because of the quoins, keystones, and end chimneys.

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Georgian in Atlanta’s tony Buckhead neighborhood. Proportions are just right (quite tough on a new Georgian). Love the tripartite picture window above the semi-circular classical portico - brick details.

Neo-Georgian house by Mark Finlay, Darien, CT

House Tour: Darien, Connecticut

Design Chic: House Tour: Darien, Connecticut This is absolutely, completely, and totally the house I would want to live in!

ARCHITECTURE – Certain styles of homes seem to demand a specific type of shutter. Although we always recommend you allow your own personal preference to prevail, we’ve provided an architectural style guide below. We suggest you consult with your architect or contractor, or call our Shutter Professionals for further assistance. Our most fervent wish is that you get the shutters you love.

Choosing Shutters for your Home

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The Greek orders. Illustration: Emma Kelly - the Romans absorbed the Greek orders into their own architecture

Georgian architecture: how to identify the Greek orders

There is something about Georgian architecture that appeals to me. The elegant simplicity of Georgian terraces, in particular. Dublin has many examples of such buildings, constructed when the city,…

Georgian House Museum, Dublin

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