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The Georgian scripts are the three writing systems used to write the Georgian language: Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli. The origins of the Georgian alphabet are poorly known and no full agreement exists among scholars as to its date of creation, who designed the script and the main influences on that process. The oldest uncontested example of Georgian script Asomtavruli as seen above, is found in the historic town of Nekresi in eastern Georgia, dated I-III centuries AD.


Worked with a Georgian town house to the centre surrounded by plants and birds, alphabet and cautionary verse ' during the time of life allotted me, grant me good god my health and liberty, beg no more if more thou art pleased to give, I'll thankfully the over pius receive Catherine Skinner marked this in the eleventh year of her age 1793'. 38 wide, 36cm high (14.5" wide, 14" high)


The history of Georgian can conventionally be divided into: Early Old Georgian: 5th–8th centuries Classical Old Georgian: 9th–11th centuries Middle Georgian: 11th/12th–17th/18th centuries Modern Georgian: 17th/18th century – present. Georgian is a Kartvelian language spoken by Georgians. It is the official language of Georgia, a country in the Caucasus. Georgian is written in its own unique writing system, the Georgian script.