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George Moscone - Assassinated Mayor of San Francisco in 1978 - interred in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma


George Moscone bust - Robert Arneson

The Hope Speech. Harvey Milk addressing crowd from stage at San Francisco Gay Day Parade. 1978.


Robert Arneson, Portrait of George (Moscone), 1981, glazed ceramic, 94 in. x 31 1/2 in. x 31 1/2 in.


WHITE/B/27NOV78/MN/STOREY - Supervisor Dan White, taken into custody by Inspector Howard Bailey, SFPD, in the basement of the Hall of Justice. White was charged with the murder of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. Photo by John Storey CAT Photo: JOHN STOREY

1975- George Moscone, a liberal with a pro-gay voting record, is elected mayor of San Francisco by 3000 votes. The margin is small enough that Moscone can credit San Francisco's prominent gay community with giving him the win. The following year will see the first gay elected official, Harvey Milk, as a city supervisor. At the same time, a backlash is brewing. In 1977, Dan White will speak against "social deviates" to get elected in his district, & five gay businesses will be bombed.


A man holds a candle on a memorial march for Harvey Milk and George Moscone. Description from I searched for this on

harvey milk candlelight march | Events - Harvey Milk/George Moscone Memorial