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Most Evil: Avenger, Zodiac, and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel ** second book by Steve Hodel and his linking these Zodiac and other murders to his father-Black Dahlia killer.


Hodel-BlackDahlia Case File No. 30-1268: Containing the official, unabridged, 1950 law-enforcement Electronic Surveillance Recordings of Dr. George Hill Hodel by Steve Hodel

When I Saw These 13 Houses Were For Sale, I Was Shocked. They're Hiding Terrifying Secrets.

The Sowden House was once the home to George Hill Hodel, one of the prime suspects of the Black Dahlia murder. Not sold? Hodel's son <a href="">wrote a book</a> claiming his father most definitely killed Elizabeth Short somewhere in the house. You can buy that room and a window that looks like a shark face for just $4,888,000.


Black Dahlia Avenger II 2014: Presenting the Follow-Up Investigation and Further Evidence Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to Los Angeles's Black Dahlia and other 1940s LONE WOMAN MURDERS by steve Hodel

9 Of America's Most Infamous Murder Mansions

The Lloyd Wright-designed John Sowden House is known for its beauty and architectural details, but it's also tied to one of the most infamous deaths in Los Angeles history: The Black Dahlia murder. It was once owned by Dr. George Hill Hodel, whose own son vehemently believes that Hodel is responsible for the death of Elizabeth Short. The stylish home is now rented out for private events, corporate retreats, and film shoots. -


A former pro skater is designing a custom house that is completely skateable


Lloyd Wright's Los Feliz Sowden House Back on the Market

Lloyd wright-designed home on Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles. This house is AMAZING! It had secret rooms, a Mayan courtyard...too cool. Built in 1927 and in the 1940s formerly owned by Dr. George Hill Hodel, it is alleged by his son Steven in his 2003 book The Black Dahlia Avenger that this is where the infamous "Black Dahlia" murder took place in January 1947.