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George Clinton was the 4th Vice President under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. He died of a heart attack in 1812 and was succeeded by Elbridge Gerry.

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George Clinton (vice president) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - His pew in St Paul's Chapel in New York City

George Clinton (vice president)

George Clinton (vice president) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Grave Monument in Kingston New York

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George Clinton

Vice-president George Clinton's signature.

George Clinton served as Vice-president to Thomas Jefferson from 1805-1809. George also served as Vice-president to James Madison from 1809-1812. He was born on June 26, 1739 in Little Britain, New York and died on April 20, 1812 (aged 72) in Washington, D.C.

Clinton, was founded in 1801, and was first named Burrville in honor of Vice President Aaron Burr. But the name changed quickly in 1809 because of the duel between Burr-Hamilton. The name was changed to Clinton after Thomas Jefferson's second term vice president, George Clinton.

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